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Geographic Information Systems/Geospatial Technology 
Connecting Business to Science as a Prime Government Contractor

Geography meets Technology


Prime Government Contracts: US Forest Service (2022 and 2023)

Other Contracting Experience: US Army Corp of Engineers (2022) 

USDA NIFA PDAL (2020-2025) 

Kajaer GeoConsulting LLC is a federally registered women owned small business (WOSB) with technical skills and the right personality where our primary mission

is to help business get work done by:

  • Optimizing productivity

  • Enabling independent task management to meet goals

  • Utilizing geospatial technology to make your life better through the power of maps

  • Using our skills learned through raising kids and balancing careers to anticipate your challenges and help celebrate your successes

We are excited to be a part of your team! Contact Angie and Solli today to renew your success story.


Click the image above to read about Angie and Solli featured in a local business magazine talking about their adventure into Government Contracting Services (Page 48!)

Who is Kajaer?


Our name says it all. Kajaer GeoConsulting is about being a mom and being a professional in the worlds of science, technology and business. Hold on...WHAT?...where would anyone get that from the name Kajaer? Co-founders, Solli Frank and Angie Milakovic, of Kajaer GeoConsulting are two women with backgrounds in STEM fields including engineering, natural science, geography, geospatial (GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing, UAS) technology, and technical education who found themselves in the challenge of balancing traditional business environments and living their best life with their families in our ever-progressing high-tech world. Initially, Kajaer was founded to simply explore unique projects and companies that offered what seemed like an unrealistic criteria: BALANCE. Quickly, we found that several companies were on the same mission, and Kajaer could provide business solutions to help companies and agencies provide outstanding service for their clients and make workplace balance a priority with no compromises on expectations, quality, and expertise.  Kajaer provides services that include but is not limited to mapping & cartography, data collection, database management, technical research, and professional training in varied geospatial technologies. A lot of companies “just needs a map” while others want to expand their current GIS capabilities throughout their company. No matter what your company needs are, Kajaer is committed to being a strong player on your team. We want to help businesses do business.  Now, back to the name Kajaer. It doesn’t really scream out “Mom!” like the 1st day of school. It actually means professional high quality GIS support for your business, but the story of the name is still kind of cool. One that we look forward to sharing with any client at our first meeting. 

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